Our company

Founded in 2015, DevEvolved was built on the foundation of providing high-quality, cutting-edge software using modern design principles, clean code, and straightforward solutions at an affordable price.

Our culture

Creating a company culture focused on the unique needs of software developers allows us to cultivate a group of exceptional developers with a passion for what they do. We work and grow together, both professionally and personally and build relationships within the company and with our clients that focus on long-term business success. Our core beliefs are

Our team

Our team is led by Scott Dorman, a 10-time Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development technologies with over 20 years of industry experience. Microsoft MVPs are technology experts who have an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products and services and can use that depth to solve real-world problems, not only within the Microsoft technology stack but also how that stack integrates with other technologies. They have a passion for sharing their knowledge with the community and have an unstoppable urge to continuously learn and shape new technology solutions. The team is made up of other MVPs and highly talented individuals who have achieved certifications and customer references to show that we are experts in software engineering.